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a�?Darkest Houra�� Wins Big at Makeup and Hairstyling Awards

a�?Darkest Houra�� Wins Big at Makeup and Hairstyling Awards

The makeup artists who transformed Gary Oldman into Winston Churchill for a�?Darkest Houra�? won the top honor from the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild at Saturday nighta��s MUAHS Guild Awards.

Kazuhiro Tsuji, David Malinowski, Lucy Sibbick won in the Feature Length Motion Picture a�� Best Special Make Up Effects category, the MUAHS category that most closely corresponds to the Oscars Best Makeup and Hairstyling category.

(The Oscars call it a�?makeup and hairstyling,a�? while the guild adds a hyphen and another word by going for a�?make-up and hair styling.a�?)

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a�?Darkest Houra�? also won in the period makeup category. In the other feature-film categories, the winners were a�?Pitch Perfect 3a�? (contemporary make-up), a�?Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2a�? (contemporary hair), and a�?I, Tonyaa�? (period and/or character hair).

a�?Dancing With the Starsa�? won the TV awards for contemporary make-up and hair, while a�?Game of Thronesa�? won for period/character makeup for for special makeup effects and a�?The Crowna�? won for period hair.

TV movie and miniseries awards were split between a�?Big Little Liesa�? in the contemporary categories and a�?Feud: Bette and Joana�? in the period categories.

a�?American Horror Story: Culta�? won three awards, one for special makeup effects and the others for its promotional campaign.

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The MUAHS also gave awards for theatrical productions, children and teen programming and daytime television, and in each case the same production swept both hair and makeup categories: a�?Mamma Miaa�? for theatrical, a�?Henry Dangera�? for childrena��s and a�?The Bold and the Beautifula�? for daytime.

In addition to his film winning two awards, a�?Darkest Houra�? star Gary Oldman received the honorary Distinguished Artisan Award. Make-up artist Greg Cannom and hairstylist Mary Guerrero received MUAHS Lifetime Achievement Awards.

The ceremony took place at the Novo by Microsoft in downtown Los Angeles and was hosted by comic Loni Love.

The winners:

Best Contemporary Make-Up: a�?Pitch Perfect 3,a�? Melanie Hughes-Weaver, Judy Yonemoto, Erica Kyker
Best Contemporary Hair: a�?Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,a�? Camille Friend, Louisa Anthony, Jules Holdren
Best Period and/or Character Make-Up: a�?Darkest Hour,a�? Ivana Primorac, Flora Moody
Best Period and/or Character Hair: a�?I, Tonya,a�? Adruitha Lee, Mary Everett
Best Special Make-Up Effects: a�?Darkest Hour,a�? Kazuhiro Tsuji, David Malinowski, Lucy Sibbick

Best Contemporary Make-Up: a�?Dancing With the Stars,a�? Zena Shteysel Green, Angela Moos, Sarah Woolf
Best Contemporary Hair Styling: a�?Dancing With the Stars,a�? Mary Guerrero, Kimi Messina, Gail Ryan
Best Period/Character Make-Up: a�?Game of Thrones,a�? Jane Walker, Nicola Matthews
Best Period/Character Hair Styling: a�?The Crown,a�? Ivana Primorac
Best Special Make-Up Effects: a�?Game of Thrones,a�? Barrie Gower, Sarah Gower

Best Contemporary Make-Up: a�?Big Little Lies,a�? Steve Artmont, Nicole Artmont
Best Contemporary Hair: a�?Big Little Lies,a�? Michelle Ceglia, Nickole Jones, Jocelyn Carpenter
Best Period/Character Make-Up: a�?Feud: Bette and Joan,a�? Eryn Krueger Mekash, Robin Beauchesne
Best Period/Character Hair Styling: a�?Feud: Bette and Joan,a�? Chris Clark, Ralph Abalos, Wendy Southard
Best Special Make-Up Effects: a�?American Horror Story: Cult,a�? Eryn Krueger Mekash, Michael Mekash, David Anderson

Best Make-Up: a�?American Horror Story: Culta�? promotioinal campaign, Kerry Herta, Jason Collins, Christina Waltz
Best Hair Styling: a�?American Horror Story: Culta�? promotional campaign, Nicki Alkire, Fernando Navarro, Stephanie Rives

Best Make-Up: a�?Mamma Mia,a�? Vanessa Dionne, Christina Tracey, Romaine Markus Myers
Best Hair Styling: a�?Mamma Mia,a�? Vanessa Dionne, Cassie Russek, Rheanne Garcia

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Best Make-Up: a�?Henry Danger,a�? Michael Johnston, Patti Brand-Reese, Melanie Mills
Best Hair Styling: a�?Henry Danger,a�? Joe Matke, Roma Goddard, Dwayne Ross

Best Make-Up: a�?The Bold and the Beautiful,a�? Christine Lai Johnson, Chris Escobosa, Jenna Wittman
Best Hair Styling: a�?The Bold and the Beautiful,a�? Lisa Long, Danielle Spencer, Danielle Dixon, Jenna Wittman

Distinguished Artisan Award: Gary Oldman
Lifetime Achievement Award: Greg Cannom
Lifetime Achievement Award: Mary Guerrero

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